Friday, March 30, 2012


Hello fellow bloggers! I am very excited to begin this adventure with you all. I plan on using my blog to discuss the things I enjoy and also some of the things that I detest. The topics I will cover will revolve around movies, books, television shows, and the news. I will also right some personal articles to help relieve the stress that comes from being a full-time college student with a full-time job. I would like to begin my blogging experience by telling you all a little about myself.
My name is Amanda and I am a junior college. I am sadly a server who has to rely on the kindness of individuals to get by, and sometimes(most of the time) I am disappointed. I have always prided myself on being a very independent young woman, but growing out of adolescence and into adulthood has shown me that being independent in high school is not the same as being an independent adult. I am learning how to deal with overwhelming situations and finally learning and finding out who I actually am. It only took twenty years!
I have found my confidence and I have opened up my world to new cultures and lifestyles. I hope to share some of my stories, memories, likes, and dislikes with you and continue this journey of finding myself. I hope you enjoy my blog and my journey!

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