Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Confessions from a half broken heart

My heart can't take much heartache and sadness, I am at the point of realizing that maybe my heart just isn't meant for love. I love with all my heart and I know that not all people can share the same love as me, but sometimes it isn't fair to just settle for anything less than what I give. Don't get me wrong, I love this person more than I have ever loved anything, but always feel rejected and wrong is starting to tear me down. I know it isn't fair for him to ask him to shower me with love and everything, but I would be nice to every now and then to feel like he feels the same way. Part of me feels like that won't ever happen. Is it wrong that I wouldn't care if he ever share warm thoughts to me, because I would rather deal with my self pity than lose him? I guess when it comes to love you have to think about the other person more, I just wonder if he has ever put me Ahead. It doesn't matter really, I will go on being with him, because that's what I want, I will just have to wait till he changes or I get fed up. :/

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  1. You should learn to be happy with what you have. Not everybody expresses their love with words. Be strong and don't settle for something you are not happy with. You are in charge of your life and your future, make the best of it.