Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pager-1 Hostess-0

Before I started serving I was unfortunate to start out in the restaurant industry as a hostess. Basically this means being underpaid and extremely emotionally beaten by the citizens of my city. One horrible night I was in charged of bringing pagers to the hostess taking names for a dreadful hour wait and on my way I had to shove my way through hungry customers and try to be polite and smiley. I got to the front, but then I lost it. Literally. I lost a pager, or more literally it fell from huge bundle of pagers, I went to catch it but realized it was falling into a car seat with a sleeping baby inside. Shit! This couldn't get any worst or so I thought. The baby wasn't alarmed by what happening. He was still SLEEPING! But his dad was awake and was looking at me with anger and rage only a murderer could feel the emotions he was showing. I quickly began apologizing. I felt so bad, but the dad wasn't remorseful. He looked at me and started yelling, "what the fuck is wrong with you, you dumb bitch?", "I need to see a manager immediately to deal with you, you fucker". And it didn't get much better. He was yelling all of these obscenities in front of everyone and I was so embarrassed. My manager came and got me and I went into the back and I just started to cry. It was too much to handle, but eventually the man and is family got to sit in the next booth and because of his rudeness every server went by is table and said some obscene character trait under their breath. It was server/hostess justice! The man's wife must have made him feel bad because he came up and said he was sorry for the public abuse and obviously I didn't harm his child, but this incident will go down in worst night ever history books of restaurants. Ahhhhhhhh!

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